In achieving our goal to become the market leader in the field of labelstock in Indonesia, we use cutting edge technology to produce the labelstock with self adhesive that can adjust the needs of the customer.

Generally our labelstock products are divided into 2 applications, they are: Label Paper and Label Film.

Label Paper

Label Paper that we produce has many kinds of varieties such as Cast Coated paper, semi-coated paper, Woodfree, inkjet, thermal paper and et cetera. Our Label paper can adjust the needs of the customer.

Label Film

Our Label Film is divided into many varieties such as white vinyl and transparent that has two kind of characters such as soft and rigid. We recommend our soft vinyl Label film to be applied to uneven surface because the substance will adjust the surface. As for our rigid label film, we recommend it to be applied to an even surface. Besides vinyl material, we also produce polyester and OPP materials with color variants: white, transparent, silver and gold.

Labelstock has specific general purpose. It means that our labelstock application production is very broad. It can be found in a shampoo bottle that requires having a waterproof specification and also on a frozen food packaging that needs resistance at room temperature cooler. We can also see it on the application of indoor and outdoor (advertising). All of them need special treatment in each of the products. It is our role as a R & D to design self adhesive formula that based on various kinds of conditions. Therefore we are ready to accomplish your needs.

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