Release Liner

In Karyaterang Sedati company, we continue maintaining customer satisfaction by giving Release Liner product with a high quality. We continue to develop an efficient production system and on time delivery, and again according to the customer's needs.

Basically, our release liner product is divided into two different variants such as:

Glassine and Non Glassine.

The majority of Release liner glassine application is on sticker. Our release liner glassine production is also applied on double side tape; and it is to be known that product release liner for application is in great demand by our customers abroad.

While as for non glassine, such as Woodfree, Polyester, Cast Coat Board and Super Calendered Kraft.

For this moment we also develop on a variant of the MG or Machine Glazed. These products are widely used as release liner products hygiene such as in sanitary napkins. Then, MG can also be found as a cupcake paper that has a food grade standard. Besides for release liner products hygiene, MG can also use for a stationery needs, for example is release liner for an envelope.

Other variants of the product release liner non glassine is CCK ( Clay Coated Kraft ). This product is used as release liner for a hologram sticker or safety seal sticker

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