Employees of PT Karyaterang Sedati Enhancing Camaraderie Through Joint Iftar and Sahur
March 27, 2024

Celebrating Another Year by Spreading Goodness

Goodness knows no boundaries of time or age. When our hearts decide to show kindness to those in need, precious moments are formed and create lasting goodness.

Celebrating the 32nd anniversary, PT Karyaterang Sedati reaffirms their commitment to share their goodness by providing assistance to orphaned children. This charity event is not just for formality, but it is a tangible manifestation of the humanitarian values embraced by PT Karyaterang Sedati. (27/03/2024)

On this occasion, the Director and company staff personally extended physical aid to 60 orphans with the hope that the children could feel the touch of love and receive support for their life’s journey.

Besides the company’s personel, the event was also attended by the village head, religious figures, and leaders from the Ar-Rohman Betro Orphanage Foundation. Their presence reinforces the notion that kindness knows no bounds, and we all have a responsibility to assist those in need.

The charity event was concluded by moral message given by PT Karyaterang Sedati. The company is committed to be a positive agent of change in society. Small actions like these can have a significant impact on any person’s life. When we all collectively spread goodness, we not only celebrate our achievements but also create a better world for all of us. (mdl)

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