Release Liner

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Release Glassine Release Non Glassine
Release liners are commonly used as protective layers for adhesive media such as label stickers, medical products, electronics, automotive industries, and adhesive tapes until they are removed. In the production process that uses release liners, a reliable release liner with specific durability is required for each product to be produced. Various factors are considered in selecting the right release liner for each application to ensure optimal release capabilities.

Observing the current market conditions, which are increasingly demanding release liners, we are committed to producing quality products that meet the needs of various industries. In every release liner production process, we conduct strict quality tests to ensure the reliability and durability of the release liner before the product reaches our consumers.

Our release liners are available in two types: Release Liner Glassine dan Release Liner Non Glassine

What can Release Liners be used for?