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April 19, 2023
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Commemorating Independence Day With PT Karyaterang Sedati

78 years ago in the month of August, where all citizen of Indonesia gloriously welcoming the victory after being colonized for hundreds of years, was the day our red and white flag soared on the sky of our land.

To commemorate this moment, the whole continent held national celebration with the theme “Keep Moving Forward for Indonesia” Failing to miss out, PT Karyaterang Sedati also joined the crowd in celebrating the independence day along with all staff and management team. The celebration which took place in our head office grounds, started at Several activities done included morning exercise, entertainment, competitions, and door-price distribution.

The Director of PT Karyaterang Sedati, Mr. Tjandra Lauwardi gave a speech to keep our heroic ancestor’s spirit in our daily life. “This event’s purpose is to remember the struggle of our past heroes who bravely fought the invaders and oppressors. I wish we could have the same spirit in our daily life, in our work life, in our family, and in our social life. We also have to contribute to the community so that we can be useful in the society”, he explained.

Enthusiasm was evident in every participants during the event. Everyone gave their best to compete and each department shows exceptional teamwork in order to be the winner. The event concluded with the distribution of door-price at (mdl)

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