Celebrating Another Year by Spreading Goodness
March 28, 2024

Sharing A Little Of What We Have Through Blood Donation

Blood donation is a voluntary act that provides individuals with the opportunity to save the lives of others by sharing a small part of themselves. It can offer hope to patients in need of blood transfusions to survive.

As in previous years, PT Karyaterang Sedati once again held a Blood Donation event on the occasion of PT Karyaterang Sedati's 32nd anniversary on Tuesday, May 22, 2024. A total of 70 people from within the scope of PT Karyaterang Sedati gathered at this special event. Besides being a moment to celebrate the company's achievements, this event also serves as an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of health and care for others.

In every drop of donated blood, there are strong values of care and solidarity. As a celebration of the 32nd anniversary, this activity serves as a reminder that the success of a company is not only measured by its financial performance, but also by the positive impact it can create in society. By coming together to give their best, the employees and staff of PT Karyaterang have created an unforgettable moment in the history of their company, leaving behind a legacy of kindness that will be remembered for years to come.

As PT Karyaterang Sedati matures, may they sow even more benefits to the surrounding environment

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