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January 17, 2024
Employees of PT Karyaterang Sedati Enhancing Camaraderie Through Joint Iftar and Sahur
March 27, 2024
In accordance to the standard operating procedure of occupational health and safety (OHS), PT Karyaterang Sedati organized fire extinguisher training with Tropodo Firefighter Team on 26 February 2024. This training is participated by all staff from each departments.

When the fire alarm rang, all personnel quickly responded by evacuating towards the meeting point which is in the courtyard of PT Karyaterang Sedati. The drill was followed by demonstration of different techniques to extinguish fire.

The training starts by demonstrating the usage of wet fire blanket extinguish the fire. Participants were given instructions on how to use the wet blanket carefully. The blanket have to be wrapped ins such a way that the arm is protected by the fire. It is also important to observe the wind direction so that the fire can be covered effectively. This technique can also be applied using wet towel or any blanket available.

After several demonstration is done by some participants, the training proceeds with the usage of fire extinguisher and fire hose that is connected to a fire truck which holds 5000 liter of water.

Through this experience, all staff is expected to receive the right knowledge and skill to act promptly in case of fire. (mdl)

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